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Complete Neural Navigator setup

Know where you go with TMS!

Our Neural Navigator is a certified medical device that can accurately target locations indicated on an individual MRI scan with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) coils. Go to our product page to learn more about our neural navigator, see the specifications and see a demonstration movie

The Neural Navigator makes TMS coil placement much more precise. With MRI navigated TMS, you need less participants in your research project for significant results, and TMS treatments are much more efficient and achieve higher benefits for the patient. The Neural Navigator has been succesfully used in several labs and clinics around the world for years. It is easy to use, lightweight, mobile and affordable.

Our Neural Navigator is compatible with all major TMS stimulator brands. Through our partners and distributors, we can arrange a reliable certified TMS stimulator for you that integrates well with our Neural Navigator. For our worldwide distributors, click here.

The Neural Navigator was originally developed in close cooperation with scientists, medical doctors and engineers at University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University, the Netherlands. It is now further developed, supported and marketed by Brain Science Tools BV, the Netherlands, a certified medical device company.


The NeuralNavaigator is a fantastic device, straightforward to use, at a fraction of the price of other systems.  Highly recommended! -- Dr. Mark Borsody, Lake Biosciences, USA

This easy to use navigation system greatly improved our clinical TMS research. -- Prof. Iris Sommer, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands

Easy to use and very efficient, the neural navigator is a must-have for your TMS lab! -- Dr. Sharika, National Brain Research Center, Manesar, India

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